Fugitive Toys – 2014 Black Friday Warehouse Sale

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Fugitive Toys Black Friday 2013


Mystery Box Sale on Cyber Monday! Yessssir!

It’s Cyber Monday! It only means one thing and one thing only! Buy everything including the kitchen sink online.

We got a full warehouse of toys. Their looking for a home. This is the grand daddy of mystery box sales. Boxes are going to be jam packed so you will not be disappointed.

If you post your haul or video tape the unveiling of your mystery box on our facebook, we may even toss you some freebies.

HINT: If you email us what type of toys you like, Santa Fugitive may even stick it in the box for ya.

For the cost of a couple of lunches, you are going to get some great toys! Good luck and may the force be with you! Happy Holidays!

Mystery Box Sale Linky

Meet Scott Tolleson & Mitchell Bernal @ SDCC – Fugitive Toys Booth #601

Yes, that’s right!

Come meet the man himself, Scott Tolleson! One of the hottest toy artist out, he’ll be making a special guest appearance on Thursday @ 1pm. Get in line early to get his autograph!

That’s not it! On Friday @ 1pm, we bring you Mitchell Bernal, the author of Skelanimals. He changed the game around and showed you that dead animals need love to! Don’t miss out!

So, make sure you write those days and times down. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities! See you there!

“Windows are for Suckers” Android Plush – SDCC Exclusive

Remember the good old days? It’s the year 1981. Every car had a Garfield plush stuck on the window of their vehicle. They were everywhere you looked, then all of a sudden, they all went extinct…

Fast forward 30 years later to 2011 and we have the new revolutionized Android Window Plush.

Pre-order here

Don’t wait on this! Only 100 pieces have been made so guarantee yours today by pre-ordering!

Simply add him into your cart.
Checkout and Select Pick Up @ Comic Con.
To pick up, bring your confirmation & credit card any day to our booth #601.

No hassles and no lines! Life doesn’t get any better than that!

Psssst… Uncle Argh is available for pre-order right now @ Fugitive Toys!

Scott Tolleson and Toy2R presents Uncle Argh! He’s making his appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

Here’s your chance to pre order this little guy. But, don’t wait to long, otherwise, he may be gone before you know it.

Pre-order here

Simply add him into your cart.
Checkout and Select Pick Up @ Comic Con.
To pick up, bring your confirmation & credit card any day to our booth #601.

No hassle, no wait, no worries. It is that simple. =)

Tokidoki! Tokidoki! Tokidoki! Unicornos are here!

Let me repeat it again. Tokidoki Unicornos are here! The much anticipated release from Tokidoki has arrived.

10 Unicorns to collect!

In Stock Now


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